Music Lessons 

Learning to mix music or play an instrument is a skill that you can use for your entire life. Every week at our Eau Claire office we provide lessons for DJs & Musicians of all levels that are geared towards performance. Our instructors have years of experience sharing music in individual, and group settings. Contact us to sign up for lessons today!

Private Lessons

We meet privately once each week for one on one lessons, and work together on the technical skills and awesome music that will take help you master your instrument. We currently offer lessons for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice, & DJ Mixing.

We will design a lesson plan that will fit your unique learning style, and teach at your pace to ensure that you have fun as you enrich your life with music in a stress free environment.



Once you start becoming more confident playing your instrument, you will then be able to start attending our group classes to practice working together in a band style environment.

You will learn how instruments work together, how to build a positive band experience, and begin working towards an epic performance with your group.