Owner, Entertainer, & VIDEOGRAPHER

Sean has been a musician and entertainer for his entire life. He studied music education and theater at UW-Eau Claire, he has been honored with national vocal awards, and has performed on stages all over the world.

Sean plays multiple instruments, and works in the theater as an actor and producer. When not performing, Sean spends every moment he can with his family!




Abby's creative ideas are behind everything that goes on here at Carlson Entertainment. She helps us make all of our tough decisions and helps us keep everything running smoothly.

With out her Carlson Entertainment would not run as efficiently and we would not have nearly as pretty of an office.


Entertainer & VIDEOGRAPHER

Kristopher is an amazing event manager and listener. He studied Public Communications at the UW-Eau Claire, and is an unbelievable DJ & Master of Ceremonies.

His vast knowledge in sales, advertising, and teamwork development are second to none. He has worked in TV Production, won awards for film editing, and as you can see, he really likes giraffes.



ENTERTAINER & Instructor

Bryan is the Director of Bands & Music in the School District of Gilman. He plays piano for Hallie United Methodist Church and works as a musician. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. 

If you happen to find Bryan doing something other than playing music, he will most likely be spending time with family & friends, watching movies, exercising, or snowboarding.


Entertainer, VIDEOGRAPHER, & Instructor

Rose is a musician who regularly performs with the Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra. She graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a minor in Web Design. She loves audio mixing, arranging, and playing jazz and rock on her violin. 

ZacHARY lIEbenstein


Zach is a voice actor who was born and raised in Wisconsin. He specializes in audio books and a variety of different voice work. He loves to immerse listeners into stories about science fiction, or spark their fires with romance.

In his free time Zach loves disc golfing & he's also a musician. His love for music is what brought him here to Carlson Entertainment!