We offer an amazing three part Workshop Series that was originally designed to train our staff. Now the series is available for DJ & MC performers of all levels. Our workshops are taught exclusively by Sean Carlson. The Workshops Series features sales training, performance preparation, performance techniques, video production, and more. Contact us today to learn more and sign up for a Workshop.



The Preparation Workshop is the first step in our workshop series. This workshop will introduce you to the tools you will need to find the right clients and to begin booking and creating unforgettable events. We will work together on your sales performance, and event preparation techniques to help design and deliver the results your clients are dreaming of.

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Once you’ve completed the Preparation Workshop, you will be ready for our Performance Workshop. This workshop is very interactive and focuses on the fundamentals of delivering stellar events. DJ & MC Entertainment, Microphone & Mixing Skills, Camera Operation, and Multimedia Production are a few of the topics will with work together on.



After completing the first two Workshops we will begin breaking the rules and creating new ideas in our Creative Workshop. This workshop will focus on being being incredibly unique, and using your talents to design unforgettable moments for each of your events. We will discuss DJ, MC, & Video transitions, Event Timing, and Staging.

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Sean is a pretty good DJ & MC, Videographer, Musician, Lighting Designer, Entrepreneur, and Instructor. He has been teaching and training entertainers for 10 years, and he would love to help you improve anyway he can. Sean offers Individual Coaching and can design Custom Workshops for teams. Contact us to learn more!