Our workshops are provided exclusively by Sean Carlson. Sean has performed on stages around the world. He designs & captures unforgettable events by creatively using DJ & Live Entertainment, Videography, and Lighting. In the brand new workshops "Prepare to Perform" & "Capture the Moment", Sean showcases the techniques & processes he uses to create memorable events & capture them on film. Seats are $295.00 each and limited to 10 attendants per workshop, so sign up today!

Prepare to Perform


As a Speaker, DJ, or Master of Ceremonies, how can you prepare yourself & your brand to fit your ideal client? How do you use those same tools to create a unique once in a lifetime experience for your audience?

Prepare to Perform is a one day interactive workshop that answers those questions & covers the process that has allowed Sean to become a full-time entertainer with a fully booked calendar of events at higher than average prices. Learn how to deliver your clients what they want & design breathtaking moments. Sign up now. Become prepared to perform!

Capture the Moment


You have a camera (or are thinking about getting one) and know you want to create some incredible videos for your company or clients.  Now how do you make sure that your video looks professional & stands out from the rest? 

Capture the Moment is a one day workshop that was designed to help beginning filmmakers learn basic camera shooting and video editing techniques. In the workshop we will work on camera settings, video workflow, and editing techniques that will help you design a beautiful film.